Tune In Tuesday (164)

Tune In Tuesday

HELLO!!!! I wanted to first apologize for missing last week. I had myself a super important interview and found myself totally forgetting about Tune In Tuesday. But the good news is, I got the job! *happy dance*

In other exciting news, I am going to Faster Horses Festival this weekend! It’s three days of camping and country music. This year the headliners are Tim McGraw, Miranda Lambert, and Keith Urban. In honor of the upcoming concert, I decided I would share my favorite song by each of them. I hope you enjoy!

My Little Girl by Tim McGraw

Mama’s Broken Heart by Miranda Lambert

‘Til Summer Comes Around by Keith Urban

5 thoughts on “Tune In Tuesday (164)

  1. I love that Tim McGraw song, a few years ago my uncle asked me to make a video for my cousin’s birthday and I really wanted to add it but they limited the country songs to just one. Still managed to stick in two so that was a win.
    And Mama’s Broken Heart is mine and my mom’s song we’re obsessed with it.
    Have fun at the music festival, I’ve always wanted to go to the one we have out here but have never gotten to so have some extra fun for me too!

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