Blog Tour + Character Interview + Giveaway: The Soul Savers Series by Kristie Cook

Today my blog is part of a book tour for author Kristie Cook! In celebration of the release of the third book in her series, this 10 day blog tour has included interviews, surprises from a few characters, and giveaways! Now, a little bit about this series but most importantly Devotion, the third book:




With powerful abilities gained from the Ang’dora and Tristan back by her side, Alexis thinks she’s ready for the next challenge— protecting her son from what appears to be the inevitable. But she has so much to learn about her powers, her new world and the people in it. Nothing is what it seems to be on the surface, including the Amadis.

Power-hungry politicians comprise the council and make impossible demands. A traitor lurks among them all, inciting trouble that could destroy the Amadis and, ultimately, humanity. The Daemoni wreak havoc in the human world, with the ultimatum that they’ll continue attacking innocents until Alexis and Tristan are expelled from the Amadis’ protection. The couple’s own society begins to shut them out. But that’s not all.

Someone’s keeping a secret. A big one. Faith and hope in Alexis and Tristan will be restored if she can uncover the truth in time.

But the search for answers leads only to the discovery of more betrayals by those closest to Alexis. Her devotion is put to the test—devotion to her husband, to her family, to her people and to her beliefs—leaving her to question whom she’s fighting for and why she should even bother. But if she won’t fight . . . who will?

Secrets. Deception. Loyalties. Friendship. Enemies. All these topics and more are covered by a very wide range of characters throughout the blog tour and today is no different! I asked Vanessa a very important question, here’s her response!


Katelyn: As a villain, where do your biggest loyalties lie?

Vanessa: Do I really need to answer that? Well, I guess if you’re stupid enough to think my loyalties lie with Lucas or the Daemoni, I do have to answer it because you’re wrong. Oh, so wrong. I’m loyal to myself. No one else matters. If I don’t take care of myself…it’s not like anyone else will.

Wow! Spoken like a true villain! Now that we have gotten inside the head of Vanessa, even if it’s just a little bit, let’s move on to much happier topics like giveaways!


First we have the HUGE giveaway over on Kristie’s blog! Here are the rules for that giveaway:

Grand Prize – Nook Simple Touch (US only)

1st Prize — All 4 of my books signed (US only)

2nd Prize — Soul Savers Swag bag (US only)

International Prize — All 4 books as ebooks

Leave a comment on this tour post to be entered to win.

Each comment left throughout the tour will count as an entry.

Please include your email address and if you are international.

And now we have another giveaway on my blog! You have the chance to win an e-book of Devotion! All you have to do is leave a comment and fill out the form below by June 6th!

Thank you guys so much for stopping by! Make sure you check out Kristie’s website for more tour information as well as all of her special information below!


Kristie Cook is a lifelong writer in various genres, from marketing communications to fantasy fiction. Besides writing, she enjoys reading, cooking, traveling and riding on the back of a motorcycle. She has lived in ten states, but currently calls Southwest Florida home with her husband, three teenage sons, a beagle and a puggle. She can be found at

Find Kristie on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads!

Purchase Devotion on Amazon (paperback), Amazon (e-book), Barnes & Noble (paperback), Barnes & Noble (e-book)!

Tune In Tuesday (61)

Tune In Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the lovely Ginger @ GReads so you should head on over and link up! It is a great way to bounce from blog to blog and discover what others are listening to! I love music but there is so much out there that I haven’t heard of before. That being said, feel free to leave a link to your Tune-In Tuesday post!

For the whole month of May, Tune In Tuesday is Random Playlist Edition! All you need to do is open up your music library whether it be Amazon Player, Zune, iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, etc. Once you have it open, hit random and let it do the picking! I have had so much fun with this edition of Tune In Tuesday! For the last one I am going all out with FIVE picks from both iTunes and Spotify!!! I hope you guys enjoy!


Passenger Seat by The Summer Set

This is my very favorite song from The Summer Set, it’s even been my ringtone for nearly 2 years now.

Stacy’s Mom by Fountains of Wayne

When I hear this song I think back to middle school. It was so freaking popular!

End Tapes by The Joy Formidable

I love The Joy Formidable! The Breaking Dawn soundtrack wouldn’t be the same without them!

I Don’t Want To Wait by Paula Cole

Can anyone say Dawson’s Creek? I miss the days when reruns of this show would play twice a day every week!

Get To You by Paradise Fears

I love these guys, I love their music <3


All My Days by Alexi Murdoch

If you haven’t watched Real Steel yet, do yourself a favor and do so RIGHT NOW! This song plays at the very beginning and I was instantly a fan.

Further From You by William Fitzsimmons

His voice, it melts my heart.

Favorite Fix by Artist vs Poet

Another band I can’t help but love!

Crazier by Taylor Swift

You guys all know I am a huge fan of Taylor Swift, well now you also know I am a bit of a fan of Hannah Montana. Do not judge, it was a super cute movie!

Promise The Stars by We The Kings

No better way to end Tune In Tuesday Random Playlist Edition than with We The Kings!

Giveaway: Help An Author Out!

I am beyond excited to bring you this news today!!!!!! Back in April I read and reviewed an amazing little book called On Little Wings by Regina Sirois. This book was such a lovely surprise, a beautifully written story, and the perfect summer read. Now that you are all caught up on how much I thoroughly loved this story, let’s get to the great news!

This book, the book I loved oh so much is a finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award!!!! Being one of three finalist a HUGE freaking deal and I am so proud of Regina! If On Little Wings is voted for it will be published and I want nothing more than for that to really happen! Now since I adore Regina, her book, and all of you, I thought it would only make sense to combine all three!

So here’s what’s going to happen:

You will first sign into your account

You will then click THIS LINK RIGHT HERE!!!!

After clicking the link you will vote for On Little Wings!

Finally, once we have shared this information with all our friends, voted until our little fingers fall off, and On Little Wings wins this amazing honor, I will giveaway a copy of the book. So spread the word and vote for this very deserving book!

p.s. Do it fast because you only have until Wednesday night!

Life As Kate (17)

The past week has been craziness, as per usual, BUT it was filled with so much fun I could hardly contain myself! Here’s what went down:

Last Saturday, my OFFICIAL day off, was pure brilliance. I stayed by the pool all day, read a whole book, and watched Zeke accidentally fall into the pool not once but twice (hilarious thing to be seen).

Sunday turned out to be another great day by the pool! I didn’t have work until 5:30 that night so I was able to spend most of the day outside. Once I went into work though, it was not a fun time. We had this thing called Stage Set which is basically corporate’s way to make us sales associates go totes insane. They send us over a sheet of names, colors, and styles of clothing and that then tells us where we move it in the store. We pretty much moved everything from one side of the store to the other and we were doing this fun little task until 1 a.m.

Monday was an early morning (8 a.m.) at work. Once I got home I sat my booty on the couch and did not move it until bed time.

Tuesday was work again but afterwards I actually had plans (Hurray! Some resemblance of a social life!). Kati, Stacey, and I all met up for dinner after work, which was DELICIOUS, then we went shopping (I got the cutest pair of glasses, see picture to the upper right), and then topped the night off by going to the movies. Tuesday nights are free popcorn nights for us reward card holders and us girls are never ones to pass up free popcorn! We saw What To Expect When You’re Expecting, and holy cuteness, batman! I LOVED THAT MOVIE! If you have seen Valentine’s Day at all, you’ll know what I mean when I say it is about a few different couples that are going through pregnancy and they are all interconnected in someway. It was hilarious, sweet, funny, a touch of sad, adorable…I just loved every second of it!

Wednesday was even more FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC! I slept in, took my time getting ready, then went over to Kati’s so we could go to yet another concert! This one was with Grant Woell, Windsor Drive, Deas Vail, South Jordan, and He Is We.

Sidestory about Windsor Drive- So I never did a re-cap post about the last time I saw these guys but it was a ton of fun. I basically dragged Kati and my sister Kari to this hole-in-the-wall bar an hour away. We were all fans of Windsor Drive before this but we had no idea who the other performers were. We get to this bar and there is no one there except for this really weird group of little boys playing music on stage and their parents sitting in the audience. Once these boys were done, it was still just us 3 girls and 2 other girls that completely ignored us. Finally the first band, From Indian Lakes took the stage and HOLY WOW! These guys were so great! I felt so horrible because they were far too talented to only have 5 girls and a bunch of random guys from the other bands cheering for them. Regardless, they put on an awesome show, and we had no problem dancing along to their music. After them, Windsor Drive took the stage and at this point a few other people had shown up but still not enough to be really comfortable. We still managed to have a blast singing along & dancing to their music. After they rocked it out, Carter Hulsey took the stage and what a great act he was! He was funny, entertaining, and he sung the heck out of every song. He made all the guys from the other bands dance with us (poor guys, we suck at dancing) and we all had a good time! We had so much fun talking to and meeting everyone after the show and we left feeling even more in love with these bands.

Now back to your previously scheduled programingThe concert we attended on Wednesday was so amazing! The first to take the stage was Grant. He was adorable as heck not to mention he played Brokenhearted by Karmin, one of my new favorite songs. After him Windsor Drive came on stage. They played a lot of new songs which made me way too excited for them to release their new EP/Album. Kati and I danced around like crazy which may have embarrassed normal people considering NO ONE else around us was dancing, but lucky for us we are not normal. After Windsor Drive came on, South Jordan took the stage, and guess what guys…I have a new band to add to my LISTEN TO THEM ASAP list! All of these guys were hilarious on stage, played super fun songs that we yet again danced around too (still no one else was dancing, they must have been drugged), and they even did a mini cover of Boyfriend by Justin Bieber which made me kind of fall in love with them. Deas Vail came on the stage next. They were another group of guys who know how to put on a good show! I was thrilled when the played one of my favorite songs by them and yes you better believe it, Kati and I continued to dance! He Is We FINALLY came on and then major confusion hit. Someone who was totally not the lead singer of He Is We took the stage and started singing songs that were definitely by He Is We. I thought that for a hot second we were being Punk’d and Ashton would pop out and surprise us. This is not the case. Turns out that the lead singer has come down with an illness so this new girl was filling in. She did such an awesome job! I still felt the energy and story behind each and every song! Kati and I danced one last time and sang the words to every song that was played. Once the show was over we went to meet the bands, YAY!!!! So were just chilling, when Jon from Windsor Drive says “Hey you guys look familiar!” My night was made after this. (now you know the reason for the extremely long flash back above) Even though there were only a few other people at their last concert, I was so happy they could remember such fun, vibrant people such as Kati and I (haha!) We took pictures with the band and were able to talk to them for a little bit. Next we went on to meet South Jordan. They were just as funny as they were on stage. They thanked us for being the only ones dancing like maniacs in the audience (see, the dancing paid off) and they returned the favor by taking pictures with us and signing our t-shirts and CD’s. We talked to these guys for a while mainly about John Mayer’s mustache and Gavin DeGraw’s mugging. I guess it was safe to say that this was one very successful concert!

Thursday totally paled in comparison to Wednesday! I spent the whole day dancing around to all four bands on Spotify while cleaning the basement. Good times folks, good times.

Friday I had work which kind of sucked big-time. We are part of a huge outlet mall and it is a holiday weekend so that means sidewalk sales galore! Each sales associate had to stand outside for at least an hour, this meant much better mall music than our store but it also meant major hotness. My original 5 hour shift was extended to 8 and I left feeling sweaty and exhausted.

Now that it’s Saturday, I have work again which means more sidewalk sales, so exciting. Can’t you tell how thrilled I am? Here’s to hoping that the day passes by super fast and that your guys’ holiday weekend is much more exciting than mine!


*Kati and I before the concert*

*Kati and I along with Windsor Drive*

*Kati and I along with South Jordan*

TGIF (50)

There once was an awesome blogger named Ginger and she decided to create a super fun feature where fellow bloggers would answer fabulous questions via blog posts every Friday. TGIF was born and we all have Miss Ginger at GReads! to thank for that! This week’s question is:

Show Me Your Cover:

What are some of the worst book covers, but hold some of the best stories inside? Don’t be embarrassed, show us your cover!

I had a really hard time with this question! I went through all of my top rated books but as I was doing so, I realized something: I love almost all of their covers! Most people are very particular about covers but that just isn’t me. Sometimes I like people on the covers, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I like the more artistic look and other times it just doesn’t work for me. After quite a bit of searching and even more nit-picking, I did come up with a few covers I was not a fan of (sort of. I still like most of the covers, just not for that particular book)

Ex-mas (A Love/Hate Story) by Kate Brian

It’s been a while since I’ve read this one but I remember finding it totally adorable! The cover is cute enough but it also has a little too much cheesiness.

Timeless by Alexandra Monir

Don’t get me wrong, this cover is very pretty HOWEVER I am not a giant fan of such a specific image of the main character. I had someone all dreamed up in my head and this cover made it a little hard to let my imagination run free.

Trade Secrets by Yvonne Collins and Sandy Rideout

My reasons for not liking this cover are very similar to the above one. I had the character all figured out in my head but then when you go and look at the cover it’s just not quite the same. This book is so full of quirkiness, adorableness, and music! There should be a guitar on the cover (just saying!)

Return To Paradise by Simone Elkeles

Are these real people or is that a drawing? Isn’t this the same two people on another YA book even though the other one has a different background? Why doesn’t this cover match the edginess of the first book’s cover? All these questions explain why I do not like this cover.

Lockdown by Alexander Gordon Smith

Holy freaking creep-fest, Batman! I had nightmares for weeks and weeks after looking at this book. The story inside is a bit scary yes, but I do not need to pee my pants every time I look at the book!

Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

This cover also creeped me out like no other. When my best friend suggested this as our next book club read, I almost smacked her. The story is just so great and really not all that creepy so I really wish the cover didn’t portray that! I love that Ransom used all these old, freaky photos throughout the whole book but using one on the cover may scare readers away, ones who would have loved the book!

This week on Kate’s Tales of Books and Bands (5/18-5/25):

TGIF (49)

Life As Kate (16)

Tune In Tuesday (60)

Elements by Kate Fuentes + Blog Tour + Review (kind of!)

Katelyn Visits GReads!!!!!!!!!

Katelyn Visits GReads!

Warning: An insane amount of exclamation points are used in the following post. Read at your own risk.

You guys, I am so excited today and I bet you want to know why (or if you don’t really want to know why, I am going to tell you anyways)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today, the greatest Thursday of all time, I am featured on one of the coolest blogs around GReads!!!!!! Ginger is one of the most awesome, sweetest, musically & bookish knowledgeable people that I know! I love her weekly features like Tune In Tuesday and TGIF and she makes talks about books and music so much fun! Basically, I was honored that I was able to be on her Blogger Behind The Book feature! Ginger asked a series of awesome questions and I tried my hardest to answer them in a somewhat entertaining way that showed you guys how funny and quirky that I think I am while also giving you a bit of insight as to who I really am! So if you have a moment today, go on over to her blog and check out the interview; I hope you enjoy!

Check out my Blogger Behind The Book Interview!!!!!

Blog Tour + Book Review (kind of!): Elements by Kate Fuentes

Author: Kate Fuentes
Destiny brought them into this world to save mankind and malevolent forces will stop at nothing in order to annihilate them.Born with extraordinary powers, fraternal twins Gage and Talon Thorn learn how to control their mystical abilities. Tragedy strikes the family and their ordinary father Gable is forced to raise them on his own. Pain and loss encompass the Thorns as they persevere to live a normal life in a place determined to destroy their happiness.Soon their incredible gifts need proper nurturing and Gable recruits a special group of people to help in their upbringing. A sassy, tenacious nanny named Leia and an eccentric unorthodox warrior named Maui complete the dream team of mentors to aid in the complexity of their lives.Evil, wicked forces lurk in the shadows and the boys are in danger if they don’t learn how to control their unique talents and harness their elemental powers. Humanity rests in the hands of the young brothers as they embark on an epic adventure to save mankind from the dark emperor.

I am going to start this off by saying that I officially suck hard-core as a participator in blog tours! Megan was all fabulous and sent me all sorts of good, very useful information before this started and yet I still failed to get my crap together on time. So I am sorry folks! I was supposed to have the book finished and reviewed by now but that is not the case. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not because of a lack of interest in the book but more that life got in the way. So instead of making this blog tour stop completely useless, I am still going to review it just not the whole thing…since I haven’t read the whole thing! I am over half-way but not quite to the end and I am just so excited to see how this book ends! Here’s what I thought so far:

The book started very interesting right off the bat! Kate’s writing seemed so impeccable and beautiful! Reading about Gable and his struggles of raising such unique sons was so great. He was such a dedicated and loving father and I adored really seeing that in a book as opposed to the parents that just don’t seem to be there. Gable knows from the beginning that his sons are not normal and this really makes him trying to get by as a single parent a lot more difficult. He soon enlists the help of Leia to help keep after the boys. I love Leia and her love + seems-like-annoyance relationship she has with the boys. She complains, calls them little heathens but at the end of the day you can tell she truly loves Gage and Talon.

Speaking of Gage and Talon, these two are great! The spacing and timing in this story is a bit odd (jumping from them being babies to them being 8-year-old boys!) but because of it we really get to see them grow from little babies into young men. Their personalities are so very different but that doesn’t stop them from being great friends.

Since I haven’t gotten to the ending yet, I do not know how the plot is going to work out but like I said earlier I am so excited to see! At the point that I am at in the story, I have seen so much from Gage and Talon as far as their powers go and to see just how strong they really can be in a time of need will be awesome, I just know it!

Again, I apologize about the half-review that this is but I hope that doesn’t stop you from wanting to check this book out! I have a feeling it is going to end awesome!



Tune In Tuesday (60)

Tune In Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the lovely Ginger @ GReads so you should head on over and link up! It is a great way to bounce from blog to blog and discover what others are listening to! I love music but there is so much out there that I haven’t heard of before. That being said, feel free to leave a link to your Tune-In Tuesday post!

For the whole month of May, Tune In Tuesday is Random Playlist Edition! All you need to do is open up your music library whether it be Amazon Player, Zune, iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, etc. Once you have it open, hit random and let it do the picking! I decided to go along with 3 choices from iTunes and 3 from Spotify again this week so I hope you guys enjoy!


Wild Angels by Martina McBride

This song is bringing back some major memories. Back in the day when it was just my little sister and I, we were OBSESSED with Martina. We would sing at top volume while trying to hit her long notes every single time (never enjoyable to listen to)!

Borrowed Time by Augustana

I adore Augustana. End of story.

Risky Business by The Cab

After seeing this band in concert last winter and following a lot of their YouTube videos, I will forever be a fan of their music!


Free by Haley Reinhart

This song is rather catchy and I kind of think I love it.

Kiss Me Slowly by Parachute

Listen to this song and try to tell me you don’t like it. It’s just not possible!

Home by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

Ginger introduced me to this song quite a while ago when she sent me a mixed CD and it was instantly one of my faves! Lately it has been getting lots of buzz because of a certain YouTube video (below)!

Life As Kate (16)

It was actually a pretty non-hectic week this past week…kidding! Of course I must keep with tradition and have one crazy week after another so here’s what went down:

Last Saturday it was a very important day in our house; it was my brother, Andrew’s, very first prom! So the morning started off with me taking my little sister, Abby, to her soccer game. It was cold, rainy, and miserable. The team was having a rough day, though I think EVERY day they have a game it’s a little rough. The other team kept scoring goal after goal, all the girls would clump up in one spot so the other team could easily maneuver around them, and there was this one girl who couldn’t seem to stay on her feet. Every time I looked at this particular girl she was rolling all over the ground. It was really odd to say the least but it was the most entertaining aspect of the game. Abby did good, the team lost, and I left very wet and very cold. I got home, dried up, dressed for work and left so I could get a quick sneak peek of my brother and his prom date! They looked so adorable together that I could hardly stand it. After quite a few photos it was off to work.

Then Sunday rolled around and I had a day off, time to finally sleep in right? Wrong! My (real) mom insisted we were to be at family breakfast at 8 a.m. Of course this side of the family runs about an hour and a half behind the rest of the world so by the time we ate it was closer to 10. After a quick breakfast it was time to go back home and hang out with my dad, stepmom, and other siblings for Mother’s Day. We all planted flowers, made the back yard all pretty, and caught lots of sun rays out by the pool. The pool was only in the low 60’s but that did not stop Zack and Zeke from swimming (crazy boys). After a few hours it was back to spend time with my mom and that side of the family (again) to celebrate my sister’s birthday. There was vegetarian BLT pizza, ice cream cake, and more loud talking and obnoxious laughing than any one person should ever have to hear. I may complain but it was actually pretty great to see everyone.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were all a blur with lots of work, lots of headaches, and even more worries about whether or not these headaches could be fatal. And if you’re wondering, yes I did say fatal. I have a bit of a flair for the overdramatics so any small ailment MUST be something serious. Since then I have come to the conclusion that while these headaches may suck hardcore and are likely eye-related, they are in no way fatal.

Thursday was actually pretty awesome. The day started off way too early when I agreed to get up 2 hours early so I could have breakfast with co-workers. We stuffed our faces while complaining about our jobs, basically it was amazing. Work flew by pretty fast and soon enough I was going out to eat with the family (we like food in my household!) to celebrate Andrew’s birthday. We all went out to Buffalo Wild Wings which sucks if you are a vegetarian because maybe 5% of their menu can accommodate your diet. I ended up going with the spinach and artichoke flat-bread which was rather delicious. Throughout dinner, Zack and Zeke were in true monster form and thoroughly embarrassed the rest of the family. They are SO lucky we love them. Before we left Buffalo Wild Wings 1 cup of pop was tipped over, 3 people were run into by the brat pack, the family sitting next to the claw machine was bugged throughout their whole meal, my brothers went through $10 in quarters to get maybe 4 $.10 toys, a Spongebob ball for Zeke and a mustache for Zack (see pictures at the end of the post).

After that nightmare of a family outing, we decided to prolong it more by going out for ice cream. The next town over from us has a restaurant that’s famous for their extremely large banana splits so of course that’s what the family got! After more embarrassing scenes from Zack and Zeke,my parents decided to end their torture by taking us all home while also remembering to never take the brat pack out into public ever again.

Friday was an excellent day because it was payday!!!! After an excruciating day at work, I treated myself to some shopping. I  have slowly been trying to get some (hopefully) cute outfits for BEA which is in a couple of weeks and Friday was pant day. I highly doubt BEA attendees will want to see me pantless. I  spent way too much money but I like to think that I deserved to splurge a little bit. I ended the night by criticizing the Batman movie with my stepmom. Really 1992??? Did you have to make movies so dang cheesy? Anyways, the day ended by me cleaning up the huge mess that’s accumulated in my room for the past week and getting Zeke to fall asleep without a big boy cup (more difficult than you’d think!).

As for Saturday, I have a day off and this people will be a true day off! No work, no school, no exhausting plans! It’ll just be me, my books, some snacks, fruity drinks, the sun, and the pool!

On that note, I hope you all have a beautiful, sunshiny weekend!


TGIF (49)

There once was an awesome blogger named Ginger and she decided to create a super fun feature where fellow bloggers would answer fabulous questions via blog posts every Friday. TGIF was born and we all have Miss Ginger at GReads! to thank for that! This week’s question is:

A Book Blogger is Born:

What made you decide to start your very own book blog?

I just answered this question for my Blogger Behind the Book interview that will be on Ginger’s blog soon so you guys will have to act all surprised when you read it again! Basically here is a very lengthy story of why I started a blog:

So picture this, a very nerdy (but thinks she is so cool) Katelyn is in her senior year of high school. She is so FREAKING EXCITED because she is taking a Young Adult Literature class with perhaps the coolest teacher on the planet. It just so happens that this brilliant teacher has her own blog, YA Love, and this is something Katelyn has never really known about before. But now, back to the class, it is centered all around book and Katelyn soon realizes just how much she has missed reading lately. Soon enough she is buying more and more books…on top of the great ones we were required to read in class.  Occasionally the class goes on to the computer to check out our teacher’s blog and we leave some comments. While all this nerdish goodness is going down Katelyn is also struggling through her first and last season of Tennis. She may have been a Cross Country and Track runner her whole life but this last year is different. She decided to do something fun regardless of her lack of coordination. Right before the school year ended, Katelyn’s top moment of gracefulness came to a peak when she dislocated her kneecap.

The whole first part of summer was spent lying around, watching TV, and getting on the computer. After a while Katelyn decides to look up her former teacher’s book blog. Upon doing so she discovers so many other book blogs! It doesn’t take long for Katelyn to decide that she too wants a book blog. In August of 2010, Katelyn’s Blog was born. For the first few months there were very few posts and in those posts Katelyn rambled on endlessly about her life assuming that any random person was just dying to know all that information. This was not the case. It wasn’t until January 2011 that Katelyn’s Blog really turned into a book blog. Add in a few reviews, some author interviews, giveaways, a name change, lots of music posts, a ton of fun memes, a creating of a Twitter account, more random posts than any person can count, and that leads us to where we are today, Kate’s Tales of Books and Bands!

This week on Kate’s Tales of Books and Bands:

TGIF (48)

Life As Kate (15)

In My Mailbox (34)

Cicada by Belle Whittington + Blog Tour + Giveaway!

Tune In Tuesday (59)

Calling all bloggers, authors, and awesomely bookish people!