About Me

My name is Katelyn. Most people call me Katelyn or Kate but the choice is yours.

I like to think I am just your average 21-year old but those that know me best would say I’m far from average. Here’s why: 

-I am still a legit nerdface! I laugh at ridiculous stuff, I am entertained by basically nothing & everything, and I spend my free time looking up pictures of cats online. You get the picture…

-I LOVE to read! I dream of a future job in which I get paid to sit on my butt, in a room full of books, and do nothing but read!  My blog is filled with primarily talk of books and such, so if reading is not your thing, sorry about your luck!


-Music is what makes my world go around. I like to think that in a past life I was a huge rock star but my lack of singing skills as well as utter suckiness at playing any type of instrument, makes me think that this just isn’t so.

-I have been a proud vegetarian for over three years. I decided to do it out of the blue in January of 2010 and surprisingly enough, I have stuck with it!

-Some of my biggest fears include (but are most certainly not limited to): Seaweed (I can get tangled up in that stuff and die. True story.), spiders (They are disgusting), snakes (They are also disgusting), and burning my house down (Before I leave the house I make sure stuff is unplugged at least three times).

-I have OCD (tendencies). I like to alphabetize half of the time and color organize the other half. I also follow specific routines to the point of craziness. What can I say, I just like things in order.


-In addition to my OCD, I have also been told that I am a hypochondriac. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I am one, I just can’t help it that Web MD always has the answers to whatever new ailment has come over me.


-When I am not obsessing over touching seaweed and what new sickness has overcome me, I am probably off somewhere getting hurt, unintentionally of course. There is some type of chronic clumsiness I have because I always seem to have bruises, scratches, and marks on me at all times.

-I happen to be a full-time college student. Despite my complete and utter hate of homework, I am enjoying my time at Saginaw Valley State University.


-After changing my mind once or five times, I have finally decided on an English major with a minor in Professional & Technical Writing. With this, I plan to do my best to get into the book industry. Whether it be publishing, editing, or marketing I would be absolutely thrilled to land a job in that field!


 -I get some of this craziness from my equally crazy family. I have an awesome dad and stepmom who support me through absolutely everything but also do really strange things that only somewhat embarrass me like build chicken coops just because and read 50 Shades of Grey together. I also have 6 (yes I said 6) brothers and sisters. We all range from ages 29 to 4; I am the second oldest. My house is always crazy, always hectic, and never quiet but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

-My best friend is Kati. She is the peanut butter to my jelly, the frosting to my cake, the free e-book to my nook. She is basically just the greatest, funniest, most sarcastic person I know. She TOTALLY gets me and has been there for me since the 6th grade (plus we stand a little-to-zero chance on finding anyone else who would want to be our friend)

– On top of school and life, I am also working my way through college. I have been working in the absolutely lovely and FUN world of retail (ha. ha.) for the past two years. I’ve got to pay for my book and music addiction somehow!


Well there you have it! If there is anything else you are just dying to know about yours truly, feel free to e-mail me at katelynsblog@aol.com!

23 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Yay, I found your blog! (@aghowardwrites from twitter–:-))

    Love the digs, girl. So pretty w/all the flowers and royal birdies.

    What a super bio! LOL. So fun and bouncy. You sound like you’d make a wonderful character in a book w/all your quirks. How awesome to grow up in such a big family! I just have the brother, and he’s an annoying twit. Snirt. JUST KIDDING. Love him despite his annoying-ness.

    Oh, and I think I understand your fear of seaweed. I really do. Every year we go to the lake in the summer and it slip, slides, and slithers all around my ankles, like it’s going to trap me and pull me down. Seaweed has alterior motives. It’s EVIL.

    Well, gotta go, but I’ll be dropping in sometimes.


    • You, finding my blog and leaving this wonderful comment has made my day! I’d like to think I would be a pretty funny character OR my family should be filmed for reality television. I understand the lovable annoying-ness, all of my siblings contain that characteristic. But yes, seaweed is EVIL! I just know it wants to tangle me up and drown me. Thank you so much for dropping by :)

  2. You sound like my kinda person, Katelyn! We have lots in common… especially the LOVE of books, tendency to get hurt…a LOT, I’m always covered in bruises, cuts, grazes, etc. Hypochondriac… I’ve been told this before!
    You certainly don’t look like a nerd though!
    Love the blog… great stuff!
    Best wishes

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  7. Excellent bio!
    I’ve fed my book addition since childhood from second hand and charity shops (thrift stores I think you Americans call them :-) ). Jumble sales, yard sales, fetes and fayres are good sources. My latest discovery is that hospitals often have racks of second-hand books…my local phelbotomy Clinic and X-Ray clinic have one each!
    I guess it depends on whether you mind having an old book (I love this) or just have to have a pristine latest release…;-)
    Good luck at college and hope to catch you around the book lists!

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  9. Hay. Although I have read only one book of yours (not by choice of course) I still love you and I already know that I’m going to love your other books too. and every chance I get I try to get one of your books but everywhere I look/go they never have any of your books that I would sooooo LOVE to read but I’m still on the look out so people better watch out if I ever see one in a store or somewhere!

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