Blog Tour + Character Interview + Giveaway: Sirenz Back – In Fashion by Charlotte Bennardo & Natalie Zaman

Title: Sirenz: Back In Fashion (Sirenz #2)

Authors: Charlotte Bennardo & Natalie Zaman

Publisher: Flux

Even though I am still taking a minor break from the blog, I had to rejoin the blogosphere today for a very special blog post. You see, there are these two awesome authors, Charlotte and Natalie and they have this awesome series called Sirenz. In honor of the release of their second book, Sirenz Back In Fashion, the two of them planned this super awesome blog tour that I was lucky enough to be a part of! Today we go a little patriotic in honor of the 4th of July by chit-chatting with none other than Ben Franklin! Please give him a warm welcome and don’t forget to leave him a quick comment telling him what you thought!


In honor of the Fourth of July, Founding Father Benjamin Franklin, current resident of the Underworld, and Hades’ concierge, has graciously consented to an interview (with Hades’ permission, of course.).

Char and Nat: You’re an inventor, writer, philosopher, scientist, and publisher. You were foreign minister to France, the first postmaster. You’re on the $100 bill, and, it’s rumored, quite the ladies man… You lived a long time, and are one of the most celebrated figures in history. Why on earth would YOU make a deal with Hades? What could you possibly want?

Ben: Well my dears, as I wrote in Poor Richard’s Almanac, ‘Genius without education is like silver in the mine.’ It doesn’t do you any good to have either silver in abundance if you don’t dig it up, or intellect if you don’t use it. We must always continue to learn, to use our intellect lest it be wasted. Hades offered me a thousand years to meet all the great men and women of human history. Where else can I play chess with Cleopatra, argue philosophy with Plato, and have Steve Jobs teach me to use an iPad?

Char and Nat: It seems a high price, selling your soul…

Ben: ‘Necessity never made a good bargain,’ I say. I didn’t have to make a deal, unlike the lovely Sharisse and Margaret. I chose to offer my services in exchange for a millennia of learning and companionship. *leans close and whispers* And all the wine and ale I could want.

Char and Nat: Still, you have to be you-know-where! Isn’t the Underworld a dark, hot vision of Hell?

Ben: *laughs* I suppose most people would think that, the same way they picture Hades as a frightful old man, like the specter of death. *wink* We all know Hades is quite attractive to the ladies. Irresistible, one might say, with the strange exception of his sirenz. I do so admire their resistance to temptation. Although, ‘the best way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it.’ That Oscar Wilde, such a way with words! But I digress—Tartarus can be quite lovely; beaches, mountains, lakes, oceans. Just beware the River Styx—don’t step in it—and his garden. It may look beautiful, but I can assure you, it’s deadly.

Char and Nat: Who’s the most interesting person you’ve met so far?

Ben: Can you choose which stars in the sky are brightest? I’ve had tea with Queen Victoria, danced with the goddess Arachne, gone pub hopping with Will Shakespeare, and sung with Michael Jackson. Just think of the fun I’ll have when a few more people get here. Who would you choose as the single greatest person in history?

Char and Nat: Ummm… They all went to Tartarus? Didn’t anyone go to heaven or…elsewhere?

Ben: They will eventually. Hades generously offers them a…stopover in Tartarus before they have to move onto their final destination. He likes to surround himself with interesting people. As I said way back in my day, ‘Opportunity is a great bawd.’ People will do almost anything when the right temptation comes along. Perhaps you’d be interested in arranging a meeting?

 Char and Nat: We’ll get back to you on that one, Ben!


And now take a look at the awesome prize pack that Char and Nat put together for one lucky follower of this blog tour! I must admit, I am quite jealous of whoever wins this. If you haven’t already, make sure you add Sirenz AND Sirenz Back In Fashion to your goodreads!