Tune In Tuesday (162)

Tune In Tuesday

Hello, hello, hello!! How are you all doing on the fabulous Tuesday? I hope great! The good news is that I survived family vacation! Of course no matter what you’re doing with 11 people involved, it’s going to be a little louder, a little crazier, and a lot more hectic than your average sized family but we all managed to have a great time with each other so I think we can consider that a success. Since we were traveling with so many people, traveling by plane was out of the question due to expenses. We decided to do a good old-fashioned road trip. A road trip with my family means you are never quite sure what you’re going to be listening to. (Last year our trip down to Florida included all of us being forced to listen to the cheesiest, most horrible audio book of all time because my dad saw it at Cracker Barreland thought it would be all sorts of family fun.) Anyways, I decided for today’s post, I would share a few of our road trip songs that really stood out!

Should’ve Been A Cowboy by Toby Keith

I’m a huge fan of old school Toby Keith because that’s the kind of country music I grew up on. It I just so happens that my 10-year old brother is in love with this song. It came on a few times and we belted it out.

Rude by MAGIC!

My stepmom kept talking about this song and how much she loved it. It’s so catchy and fun!

American Pie by Don McLean

This is my dad’s all-time favorite song which means I have been listening to it since I was born. When it came on the radio, the whole entire family joined in.

Well those are my picks for this week; I hope you enjoyed! If you have a Tune In Tuesday post you would like to share, please be sure to leave your link in the comments section!!

4 thoughts on “Tune In Tuesday (162)

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  2. I was just looking for some of my Toby Keith songs, that one is one of my favorites.
    Great to hear you had a great time. You’re kind of making me want to go on a road trip; it’s been so long since I’ve been on one.
    No Tune In for me this week, other than forgetting it was Tuesday I’ve been trying to make so many playlists I don’t even know what song is which anymore.

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