Tune In Tuesday (160)

Tune In Tuesday

Hello and HAPPY TUESDAY!! I have decided to kick it old school today with my tunes and have only selected songs on my very outdated iPod. They really aren’t that old but because I haven’t added any new songs to it in a few years, they all just seem a bit old. But I love them regardless. I hope you all enjoy!

When We Were Young by The Summer Set

I Don’t Wanna Be by Gavin DeGraw

Wrong Side of Love by Augustana

5 thoughts on “Tune In Tuesday (160)

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  2. I miss my ipod, it imploded on itself a couple of years ago. Still wish I knew how THAT happened. I’m always listening to the “old” songs, every once in a while I’ll find a file where I backed everything up and it’s always taking me back.

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